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August 25, 2013

Linda Ronstadt has revealed her struggles with Parkinson’s disease. The much-loved 70/80s singer has confided that the disease means that she physically can’t sing anymore, also inhibiting her ability to walk. She now travels in a wheelchair and uses poles on uneven ground.

Linda was a special singer. I hate talking about her in past tense. She wouldn’t want our pity.
She had a great voice and great looks – there’s plenty of those – but given that she wasn’t going to write her own songs she made it her mission to champion songwriters we weren’t listening to, and should have been (Warren Zevon, the McGarrigles) while also entertaining us with her take on oldies we’d forgotten (‘You’re No Good’, ‘When Will I Be loved’). It sounds simple but she had great taste, and although it sounds like a safe formula she was often brave.

If we’re interested in music we listen to an artist we like and find out where that something we like comes from. Linda Ronstadt made it easy and did that for us.

She’s never married, but there are known celebrity relationships, most notably with Democratic Presidential candidate Jerry Brown. Some were excited by the prospect of the world’s sexiest and highest paid female rock singer at the White House. That thought helped Jerry Brown’s political aspiration’s. It also didn’t help Jerry Brown. He didn’t win and has had to be satisfied with being Governor of California.

He was one of the men in her life. Musically there had been any number of music industry men attracted to her, and some ready to exploit her. The man who steadied the ship was Peter Asher, of Peter and Gordon fame. He’d come from England to continue his working relationship with James Taylor and also found Linda Ronstadt to manage and produce. She was the one who wanted to take the risks. He was the one who had her record songs people could relate to. It was a good partnership.

Linda is not alone today. She has adopted two children, a boy and a girl, about to enter their teenage years.
Next month Linda Ronstadt releases a memoir “Simple Dreams”. The book does not chronicle the diagnosis. She’s not looking for sympathy. She discovered the cause of her physical problems eight months ago.